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All the latest news from The Beechworth Chain Gang.

Club AGM

Our AGM will be held next Monday 28 October, 7pm at Tanswells.

With your support, the current office bearers are happy to remain in their roles, we welcome fresh ideas though, all welcome to join us for the AGM.

New club jerseys available to order now!

After receiving some requests for long-sleeve jerseys we’ve reopened the Club Store with Champion Systems again for a couple of weeks until June 16th.

You can order via this link:

And to find out more about the product options you can check out the full range on the website:

Ordering & Product Guides are pictured below, click here to download the size chart.

If we complete our orders by June 16th the jerseys will be delivered by 12th July – still plenty of time to get use out of long-sleeved jerseys or windproof vests!

Just let us know if you have any questions about the jerseys’ fit or quality 🙂

Victorian Mountain Bike Championship Series Round 3 2018

Where- Beechworth Mountain Bike Park (cnr Greenwattle and Alma road)

When- Saturday October 27th

Enter online here or on the day

A BBQ will be run by the Beechworth Chain Gang and Coffee will be supplied be Blynzz and Bridge Road Brewers

Parking space is limited at the race site so if possible please ride out from your accommodation to avoid congestion.


Registration will be available at Bridge Road Brewers on Friday night and at the MTB Park on Saturday morning

The XCO Race format

XCO or Cross country Olympic Format is one of the most common disciplines of mountain biking. Cross country MTB became an Olympic sport in 1996 and is the only form of mountain biking practiced at the Olympics.The rules for cross country mountain biking for the Olympics are actually pretty simple. The race has a mass start, with all of the riders starting at the same time, and the riders then have to finish a set amount of laps around a course between 4km and 6km in length. The number of laps to be completed is dependant on the category entered.

The Series & How it Works
There are 8 rounds in this series and your best 5 results will be counted towards your series result.  Meaning if you miss a race or have a mechanical etc you still have a chance.


Elite Men & Women
Open Men & Women
Masters 1/2 Men & Women (30-39)
Masters 3/4 Men & Women (40-49)
Master 5/6 Men & Women (50-59)
Masters 7 Men & Women (60+)
U19 Men & Women
U17 Men & Women
U15 Men & Women
U13 Men & Women

The current standard XCO format uses a course between 4km and 6km in length. Depending on the category entered there will be a certain number of laps to be completed to create a race time within a given range.

Category Target race times (h:mm)

Elite Men & Women (1.30 – 1.45)
Open Men & Women (1.40 – 1.55)
Masters 1/2 Men & Women (1.15 – 1.30)
Masters 3/4 Men & Women (1.00 – 1.15)
Master 5/6 Men & Women (0.45 – 1.00)
Masters 7 Men & Women (0.45 – 1.00)
U19 Men & Women (1.00 – 1.15)
U17 Men & Women (0.45 – 1.00)
U15 Men & Women (0.30 – 0.45)
U13 Men & Women (0.30 – 0.45)

These are indicative times and the number of laps will be subject to change based on weather and course conditions.


Individual Race Entries are $50 per rider and $35 for Juniors (Under 17 and Below)

The Points
1st – 80, 2nd 65, 3rd 55, 4th 48, 5th 43, 6th 38, 7th 33, 8th 29, 9th 25, 10th 22, 11th 20, 12th 19, 13th 18, 14th 17, 15th 16 and 16th to last all get 15 points each.
Did not finish (DNF) will get 15 points
Did not start (DNS) will get 0

The Championship round will be for double points.

At each round: 1st, 2nd and 3rd in every category will be awarded a trophy.  Any on the day prizes is up to the individual event host.

For Series prizes there is a $6000 Falls Creek Resort prize pool which will be distributed across all categories with even amounts paid to each category (30% less for junior categories).  To be eligible for the series prize money you must compete in a minimum of 3 rounds.

Age Calculation for categories
Based on the MTBA rules for their National Series: The date on which the age of a rider is calculated is December 31 of the year the State Championships occurs during or concluding the series in which an event takes place. For the 2017 – 2018  Victorian MTB championship Series  this is December 31, 2018.

Race Start Times
At each round there will be 2 race start times.  The groups for these start times have been created to group riders who through MTBA recommendations are to compete for similar time lengths.  This also means that as a general rule faster riders are not sharing the course with more beginner slower riders which makes it more enjoyable for everybody.

Start Group 1 – 9:00am start time
1A – Under 17 Men, Masters 7+ Men
1B – Open Women, Masters 1/2 Women, Masters 3/4 Women, Masters 5/6 Women, Masters 7+ Women, Under 19 Women, Under 17 Women
1C – Under 15s Men / Women, Under 13 Men / Women
No new laps are allowed to be started by any categories in these groups after 1:30 of race time.  Any riders not allowed to go out will record a finish as +1 Lap or similar as their position in the race when they crossed the line the last time.

Start Group 2 – 10:45 Start Time
2A – Elite Men, Masters 1/2 Men, Under 19 Men
2B – Open Men, Elite Women
2C – Masters 3/4 Men, Masters 5/6 Men

No new laps are allowed to be started after the first elite rider has crossed the line to complete their race. Any riders not allowed to go out will record a finish as +1 Lap or similar as their position in the race when they crossed the line the last time.

The Course

Find a course map below or via the link. Be aware that some of the course (in brown) will be temporary linking trail or will be running in a backwards direction. Practice will not be available until the course is marked. The rest of the course (in red) can be ridden at anytime. Track runs in a clockwise direction. Course map here

RAMBO Beechworth 2017


RAMBO Beechworth 2017 RAMBO Beechworth 2017 Lap Times

RAMBO Beechworth 2017


BCG will be hosting round 1 of the 2017 RAMBO Series on Sunday May 21st at the Beechworth Mountain Bike Park.


Rego is open at 8:30am, 3hr race starts at 10am and the Juniors and 1.5hr race at 11:30am

Entry for the Beechworth race only can be found here

Entry for the whole series can be found here

Entry will also be available on the day

rambo 2017



BCG Club Day Sunday 5th February

The club will be running a working bee and 2017 Junior Ride Program registration session on the morning of Sunday 5th of February at the Beechworth MTB Park. This will be followed by a BBQ and then some shuttled riding on a few of the descending trails including the brand new “Don’t be a Hero” all mountain track.

The working bee will run from 9am to 12pm and will be focused on cutting grass and trimming branches so bring along your whipper snippers, tree loppers, secateurs ect if you have them. If not there should be plenty of club tools to go around.

The Junior Ride Program registration will be on from 10am to 12pm in the carpark. Kids are encouraged to bring their bikes along for a ride (this is not part of the Junior Program and will be unsupervised).

The club will put on a BBQ from 12pm for all participants of the working bee and junior registration. Basics will be supplied by the club so please RSVP so we can take care of supplies.

After lunch will be your chance to ride lap of the Park or organise yourself a shuttle vehicle and spend the afternoon blasting down Secret Track, Snakes n Ladders, Shortcourse DH or Don’t be a Hero. If you are unable to organise your own vehicle you may be able to hop in with another group.

Contact the club via email with any questions.

See you there.