Club Trailer

Thanks to a Community grant from the Beechworth and District Community Branch of Bendigo Bank and an in-kind donation from Shingleback Off Road, we are the proud owners of a brilliant 12-bike club trailer with storage.

This allows us to carry all important club event materials (Marquees, Barbecue, tables etc) and up to 12 bikes in a compact and sturdy, locally-designed Shingleback trailer.

The trailer will be used for club events and is also available for members to hire for $50/day, $80/weekend or $200/8 consecutive nights.  To hire please contact to check availability and then complete the BCG Trailer hire agreement and return via email.

Terms and conditions of trailer hire:

  1. The hirer must be a current AusCycling and Beechworth Chain Gang member, or parent of a current AusCycling and Beechworth Chain Gang member.
  2. The hirer must have a full drivers license (not learner or probationary driver).
  3. The fee for trailer hire is:
    •  $50 per day or part day.
    •  $80 per weekend
    •  $200 per eight consecutive nights
  4. The hire fee is to be paid via bank transfer before taking the trailer.
  5. The hirer is responsible for the trailer and the trailer is not to be passed on to others.
  6. The trailer is not to be used for commercial purposes.
  7. You are responsible for ensuring that the trailer is securely attached to your vehicle and that you have the correct trailer light socket or converter. You must check that the lights are operating effectively before taking the trailer.
  8. The trailer must be returned on or prior to the end of the period of hire. If you are delayed in returning the trailer, then you must notify the trailer coordinator immediately and make arrangements to return the trailer to the storage area or deliver it to the next hirer. You may incur an additional hire fee amounting to the number of days (or parts thereof) for which the return of the trailer is delayed.
  9. The hirer is liable for any traffic or parking infringements or fines incurred during the period of hire.
  10. The hirer is responsible for the security of the trailer from the time that the trailer is collected until the time it is returned. If the trailer is stolen during this time, then you will be required to pay the insurance excess and any other costs associated with replacing the trailer. Excess is $1,000 for persons under 21 years of age, $750 for persons under 25 years of age but not under 21 years of age, $700 for persons over 25 years of age who has held a driver’s licence for less than two years and $150 for all other persons.
  11. If the trailer is damaged during your period of hire then you must notify the trailer coordinator as soon as possible and you will be responsible for paying the costs of repair (fair wear and tear excluded).
  12. Beechworth Chain Gang accepts no responsibility or liability for damage to your bikes or vehicle whilst you are using the trailer.