Granite Girls ~ Women's MTB program

We are incredibly excited to open registrations for round 2 of the Granite Girls Mountain Bike Program!

Registrations for this round of Granite Girls closed in early September to enable us to organise groups etc. If you have not registered but still want to participate, please get in touch.

This program aims to inspire more women and girls to mountain bike more often and enjoy the physical, social and mental health benefits of being in nature with like-minded people.

It will include monthly sessions featuring a mix of professional mountain bike coaching sessions with local experts from The Fastline Bikeademy for beginners to experienced riders as well as regular social rides guided by local riders. 

Granite Girls 2023

The 2023 program is running on an opt-in basis. If you’re a first time Granite Girls participant, you can access up to three professional coaching sessions (over the six months) for $75, and opt-in to other sessions like tumbling for $15 and/or a mechanics night for $10. 

If you’re a returning Granite Girl (OGG), you can opt-in to tumbling and mechanics as above, and/or opt-in to professional coaching for $90 per session.

All participants can access social rides, social events, art and nature therapy rides for free.

The first session will be on Sunday 10 September.

Further monthly sessions will be held on 8th October, 5th November, 3rd December, 4th February 2024, 3rd March 2024.

If you cannot make some of these dates, never fear! We will move your skills coaching to a session where you CAN come.

In months where you are not participating in a coaching session you will be participating in a social ride with help and advice from experienced BCG women instructors/members.

If you need to source a bike, this may incur additional costs and needs to be arranged privately – but we are happy to support you. Please let us know if you need help with this.

The ultimate goal of the Granite Girls Program is to instil a lifelong love of mountain biking amongst the women & girls of Beechworth. To participate in the coaching sessions and social rides, please register on the link above.

Granite Girls Social Rides

The Granite Girls get out on our bikes for regular mid-week and weekend rides.

New riders are very welcome to join in on the social rides, we usually  meet outside the Old Beechworth Gaol at 6.30pm on Tuesday nights (lights & layers are necessary over winter!), and 10.00am on Sundays. These times are subject to change and availability and are confirmed via the Granite Girls Whats App group.

The night rides are often fitness-focussed on gravel roads in the forests surrounding Beechworth, with many still getting used to riding with lights. The new Beechworth Loop of the Indigo Epic is great fun (& not scary!) when ridden under lights, and offers a different riding experience.

The Sunday rides are sometimes based at the MTB park, or exploring other trails in the region. On-trail tips and help will be offered by club volunteer instructors and experienced riders as much a possible to help all our riders to become more confident on the Beechworth trails.

Our rides are primarily about having lots of FUN on bikes. If you’re feeling at all unsure about whether it is for you, whether you’re fit/ brave/ tough/ cool enough to join in, our answer is ABSOLUTELY YES! Please join us 🙂 

Just email us if you have any questions about getting involved, we look forward to welcoming even more riders into the Granite Girls Gang!