Map & Signage development

This page contains links to the working documents for the Map & Signage redevelopment. This page is unlisted and is for viewing by committee and other parties deemed interested by the committee.

Revised map – updated map for replacing the existing one in the main carpark and 2 new ones, at mojo intersection and the green loop intersection.

Map with Sign Markers and Proposed Loop Sign – based on the Loop system that is under development this sign would be separate to show riders loops that they can take through the park.

Signage details – each proposed sign post is show in-situ so as to leave no ambiguity as to what they will loop like and where. heights, order, location, orientation and content are all subject to review.

Individual signs – close ups of the individual signs that will make up the combinations on the posts shown in the document above.

please review these docs and forward any feedback to the committee for consideration.