Rider Development Programs

Our Junior Ride Program has gone from strength to strength over the last few years – excluding 2020, which all of us would rather forget about – and in 2021 we are excited to be piloting an extension of it into a broader Rider Development Program (RDP) that offers instruction and activity for youths (teens) and beginner adults alongside the juniors.

The mission of the RDP is to create greater enjoyment of mountain biking by BCG club members, through improved technique, higher endurance, wider trail experience and riding friendships. The BCG Committee wants to see members share knowledge, ride together and embed mountain biking as a core component of our lives.

Junior Ride Program (JRP)


Age: 5-11

Our incredibly popular junior ride program is for children age 5-11. We take children with very little mountain biking experience and equip them with the skills and confidence needed to enjoy mountain biking at our park and other trails in the region. It’s amazing to watch a 10 year old take on the difficult blue trails at our mountain bike park, knowing that they are in control and enjoying themselves thanks to the instruction they’ve received from us over time. Some of our JRP alumni have even gone on to become very competitive at a national and state level.

The JRP is for beginner and intermediate riders and is capped at 60 riders. All groups except the very beginner groups are set up by ability rather than age.

For all groups, the emphasis is on making sure the kids enjoy their riding. Sessions are typically 20-30 minutes of instruction followed by 30-40 minutes of riding and putting new skills into practice.

  • Green Group (beginner). Initial introduction to MTB for very young children.
  • Purple Group (beginner). Initial introduction to MTB for younger children. Goal: Become competent on Green Loop and Pump Track.
  • Red Group (beginner). Goal: Become competent on Green Loop, Pump Track, Goanna.
  • Yellow Group (beginner to intermediate). Goal: Become competent on Goanna, Short XC Loop.
  • Orange Group (intermediate). Goal: Become competent on Short XC Loop, Secret Track, Need Pizza.
  • Blue Group (intermediate). Goal: Become competent on full XC Loop, Snakes and Ladders.
For days/times in term 2 please see Term 2 information below

Youth Ride Program (new in 2021)

Age: 12-16

Please contact bcg.juniors@gmail.com to register your interest

Adult Ride Program (new in 2021)

Age: 17+

Please contact bcg.juniors@gmail.com to register your interest

Term 3, 2021 (Apr-Jun)

Juniors Calendar for Term 3

We will run JRP for 9 weeks in term 3. Sessions are weather dependent so watch the WhatsApp groups each week for info.

  • Week 1 – week commencing 19 July
  • Week 8 – week commencing 7 June

We are returning to Thursdays at 4.15pm as the JRP day (except for the very beginners in Green group):

  • Green – Monday 4.15pm
  • Purple, Aqua, Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue – Thursday 4.15pm


Registration is now open for JRP for term 3.

There is still time to register for the YRP and ARP in term 3.

  1. If you’re interested in registering your child(ren) for term 3 2021 please email bcg.juniors@gmail.com. Places are limited, and previous participants are given first opportunity to re-register.
  2. We’d love to hear from you if you’re interested in our YRP and ARP sessions in term 3 – please let us know if you’re keen by emailing bcg.juniors@gmail.com
  3. Once you have registered your interest for one of the rider development programs with us and confirmed that you or your child has a spot in a group, the process is to join AusCycling (nominating BCG as your club of choice). Various AusCycling membership types are available, offering different benefits and levels of insurance cover. Many of BCG’s members are on “Lifestyle” memberships, but you must make your own decision about what suits your needs or those of your child.
  4. After this is complete, you pay your Rider Development Program fee to us. Riders who are not registered with AusCycling cannot participate in any of our rider development programs.

General Information


Cycling Australia “Lifestyle” membership is $50p.a. for children and $80p.a. for adults. Family memberships are available.

The program costs payable to BCG for term 2 are as follows. All instructors are volunteers – this money goes towards the ride days, coaching accreditation, first aid equipment and more.

  • Junior Ride Program: $35.
  • Youth Ride Program: $50.
  • Adult Ride Program: $50.

Payments to BCG (not MTBA) can be made to:

Name: Beechworth Chain Gang
BSB: 633-000
ACC: 150 182 673

Bikes and helmets

Bikes and helmets are scrutinised each week for suitability in off-road use. Bikes or helmets that are deemed unsafe by the coaches will not be permitted to be used in the sessions, resulting in your child (or you) being unable to ride.

Essential gear includes:

  • A mountain bike designed for off-road use, with working gears, working front and rear brakes, good tread on tyres and properly-inflated tyres. (Some small 16″ and 20″ wheel bikes use coaster brakes and/or are single speed. This is OK for children in the young beginner groups.)
  • Helmet (Australian standards approved).
  • Water must be carried in a caged bottle or camelbak. On warm or hot evenings children who arrive without water will not be able to participate.
  • Full-finger gloves are highly recommended.


The ride location for each group is published each week on that group’s WhatsApp message board. Locations include:


BCG coaches and leaders use the WhatsApp service to communicate each week with other leaders and members for immediate information.

BCG Leaders will use email, Google Groups, and the Facebook page for more general and non-urgent information.

Please ensure that where possible, members or guardians can access these services

For all enquiries, email bcg.juniors@gmail.com


Want to help? Please do! BCG always needs more parents to assist this expanding group. From helping out in the car park to riding with the groups as a parent helper, we welcome you getting involved.

If you can commit to being one of our instructors, we’ll help to organise the Level 0 Instructing course with AusCycling and your First Aid Certificate. You’ll need to complete a “working with children” check too.